How it Works:

We need to meet. We want to meet you and find out what you want from your event. Its good to meet us to see that we’re normal people who have an incredible skill at bringing a party to the next level with music and lighting. We’ll have tremendous influence at your event and we want you to feel comfortable with us. At this meeting we’ll discuss all the particulars, where, when, what music, scheduling, etc.. But we want to know more about your personality and what you want from you DJ. Not only do we ask you to fill out your favorite requests, we want to know any don’ts you may have.
We’ll will start building a playlist that will deliver on your expectations. Either you can be a part of the playlist or we can handle it. Either way, before the event we want you to be on board with what we’ll play. If we haven’t done an event at your location we want to visit and plan for the equipment and set up we’ll need. Also, before your event we want to agree on a playlist and be ready to go in every way. No one likes surprises on the actual day.
That’s right. It’s probably been some time since our first meeting. About ten days prior (give or take) we meet again to go over the request and directions you have submitted. Or, maybe we need to do a walk through of your location so there are no surprises. Plus, sometimes plans changes and this gives us the opportunity to confirm that all will go according to the latest plans.
We want to create an environment of awesome at your event. We’ll show up early, set up carefully and double check everything is perfect before the event starts. Once it does we’ll do our best to bring the energy, enthusiasm and the perfect sound to your event.


Why We’re Different:


Why do our clients hire us over and over again? Because we don’t just deliver music and lighting, we deliver  atmosphere. Doing that right takes practice, talent and the resolve to do it right and we have all three. The best way for us to describe how we deliver atmosphere is to experience it for yourself, because it’s indescribable.


You want your event to be perfect in every way. And so do we. We’ve done a lot of events and can help with the planning, organization and orchestration of your event. We don’t just bring the music and leave the rest up to you. We’re here to be your partner in awesomeness. We love parties and want yours to be perfect.



Ok, we admit it, we’re techno geeks and big time equipment junkies. We like quality gear and lots of it, that’s why all of our equipment is the best money can buy. High end sound systems that can shake walls loose, insane lighting shows that rival the clubs and video screens bigger than a house. Need we say more?


In 3 words: we know music.  Killer music prepared for the perfect night is an art form.  Having mastered the process of balancing everyone’s classic favorites with the latest trendy tracks, we can promise you that we will play the perfect music for every occasion. Whether you hire us for your 10 year olds birthday party, your 3 day sales seminar or your once in a lifetime wedding overlooking the beach, we get it.

Of course, you can give us all your carefully crafted playlists but we will be working diligently prior to the event to arrange a customized playlist that will be synonymous with mood and setting for your event. Also, our roots are family friendly events so we can assure that it’ll be clean so everyone can just relax and not worry about the explicit stuff.